The Midweek Drink - Estrella Free Damm Limon

The Midweek Drink - Estrella Free Damm Limon

Well here we are again with another round of The Midweek Drink on this wet Wednesday afternoon. Although the weather has decided to do a complete U-turn compared to the last couple of weeks, it hasn’t dampened the spirits of the British people who clearly believe that another heatwave is due anytime soon just before summer is officially over.

So, the best way to keep those spirits up, I have chosen to review Estrella Damm Limon Lager just because of the cans bright yellow colour tone that gives it that warm, summery feeling.

But before we get into reviewing this lager, I believe that a quick recap on the history of Estrella Damm may interest you - or if not, then just scroll straight down to the review!

A brief history on Estrella Damm

When the Franco-Prussian War began, a young brewer called August Kuentzmann Damm fled from his home of Alsace to Barcelona with his wife to pursue their dream of brewing their own beer, which eventually became a reality in 1876 with the opening of their first ever brewery. Over 140 years later, the brand Estrella Damm continues to be the most dominant and oldest brand in Spain - and very popular across the world, too. They have continued to use the same ingredients ever since it first arrived on the lager industry.

Three senses and a beverage

Estrella Damm Limon comes in a 330ml can and is a non-alcoholic lager (0.0%).

Now as you may all ready know, a lager mixed with lemon is called a ‘Shandy’ and I can tell you right now that this beverage meets the right criteria. 

Firstly, the colour is very similar to one with its light, hazy yellow colour tone. The second similarity is the aroma with its sweet and citrusy blend mixed together with the lager. 

Lastly, the taste. It does have - like the aroma - a sweet and citrus taste;  but after a few sips, I do begin to find it a tad bit too sweet for my palate. But don’t let my own opinion put you off, as we all have our own likes and dislikes in this world - heck! There may be a Shandy enthusiast out there, or in oneself, who may put this to the test and give their own verdict.

Where to buy Estrella Free Damm Limon

Grab Estrella Free Damm Limon here at LightDrinks. Also, check out the original Estrella Free Damm!

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