The Midweek Drink - COAST Beer Co Farmhouse Ale

The Midweek Drink - COAST Beer Co Farmhouse Ale

As I begin writing this, my brow is starting to perspire and my crown is burning under the midday sun; my dog on the other hand, is basking in the heat on the cool concrete slabs in the garden. I could do the same, but it’ll be hard to balance the laptop on my stomach and possibly pulling a muscle in my neck as I strain to see the screen. But, I do have an ace up my sleeve to keeping me cool, and that ‘ace’ is chilling quite nicely in the fridge. So for today’s Midweek Drink, I will be reviewing C/O/A/S/T Beer Co Farmhouse Ale.

Just before we start, we will be announcing a 10% discount off orders starting from Monday and all the way through to the end of half-term, so watch this space!

C/O/A/S/T Beer Co have only started to get their name out there since the start of 2019, starting from Edinburgh and now making their way down the country with great expectations. But, with the help of a well-known brewery in Belgium called De Proef Brouweij - who also specialise in brewing Mikkeller beer - the team from C/O/A/S/T Beer Co can rest assure that the production phase of their beers will be spot on and will quench thirsty mouths, who will savour every last drop from the bottom of the glass, while wishing they had stocked up more!

Review Time!

C/O/A/S/T Beer Co Farmhouse Ale has an ABV of 0.3%, is stored in a 330ml can with a large eye printed on the front (don’t worry, its just there to observe how satisfied you are, one sip at a time). The ingredients used are: water, barley, hops, yeast (Malts: pilsner, pale ale, wheat & Hops: East Kent Goldings). 

This Ale has a hazy, amber colour, topped with a fluffy white head and rapid carbonation that just keeps bombarding the bottom of the head. From the aroma that I can pick out - bear in mind, my nose is not fully functional due to hay fever! - is a kind off fruitiness to it which I believe comes from the malts. It also has a thick body, with a slight slither of sourness that blends very gently with a sweet, tart aftertaste.

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