Cesu Premium Lime Alcohol Free

The Midweek Drink - Cesu Premium Lime Alcohol Free

The Midweek Drink has finally dropped - and boy has it come at the right time! Why, you may ask? Well, two reasons: the first one is this Saturday is going to be a hot, hot, hot! So you better make sure that you have your sunscreen ready, and the second reason is the announcement of three new beverages that will keep both body and mind cool and refreshed. The first beverage is a Belgium beer called Sport Zot; second is a Japanese pale ale called Hitachino Nest Non Ale, and finally a Dutch botanical beer called Lowlander Wit Alcohol Free 0.00%.

So with the never beverages unveiled - and there for you to ponder on -I, in the meantime, will be reviewing a Latvian lemon & lime beer brewed by Cēsu Alus, called Cēsu Premium Citronu-laima

A brief history of Cēsu Alus brewery

The Latvian brewery began its journey in the town of Cēsis, inside the walls of the Cēsis Castle in 1590. 300 years later, the brewery buildings were built and the brewery was established and owned by count Emanuel von Sievers, up until 1922 when the brewery was repurchased and renamed as Augļu dārzs (meaning Fruit Garden). 

Finally in 1976, industrial beer producer Cēsu Alus was established, and in 1995 the brewery was privatised and became a joint stock company.

Three Senses and a beverage

Cēsu Premium Citronu-laima is an alcohol free beer (0.5%) & is encased in a 568ml can.

The best way that I can describe the colour of this beer is that it has a hazy, pastel lime green tone, with minimal white head and low carbonation that can be picked out faintly through the haze of lime. For a citric-type beer, you would think that it would have a sourness to it - WRONG! It is in-fact rather sweet, light and very refreshing. For the aroma, I can easily pick out the citric notes from the lime.

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