The Midweek Drink - Celtic Marches Holly GoLightly Cider

The Midweek Drink - Celtic Marches Holly GoLightly Cider

Welcome one and welcome all! The Midweek Drink has now entered its 76th edition and is going strong since its humble beginnings back in 2017. With so many beverages that have touched my tastebuds, I do hope that at least one of my reviews may have enticed you to give one a go and if so then I know that I have done something great! (Gold-star for me!).

Oh, and before we start! I would like to say that we are now shipping over to the U.S. and this has already begun to prove to be a great success. So to our new customers across the pond, we would like to say thank you for giving us a shot!

So on this lovely, warm September afternoon, I will be reviewing for you a low-alcohol cider that is produced by Celtic Marches: Holly GoLightly Cider.

A brief history of Celtic Marches

Based in Hertfordshire, Celtic Marches is a family-run farm that has been growing fruit and hops in Mid Wales and the Welsh borders for over 100 years. 

To continue this great heritage, brother and sister team, Robert Hancocks and Susan Vaughan, banded together and worked on to produce an array of award winning ciders (14 in total), including their low-alcohol cider Holly GoLightly that has received a 1 star Great Taste Award 2019 and a Silver at The British Bottlers' Institute Awards 2019.

Three senses and a beverage

Holly GoLightly is a low-alcohol cider (0.5%) that comes in 500ml bottles or 330ml cans, with stunning artwork that depicts Audrey Hepburn’s iconic character in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Holly Golightly has a clear gold colour that resembles a typical cider that will be seen on those hot summer days in pub gardens, glittering under the sun. 

With the sweet aroma of the apples whiffing up from the glass, I’m immediately transported back to memories of going scrumping with my dad in the Heath behind our house. 

Very soft body, and or the taste, you get the sweetness from the apples that continues to remain that way with a subtle dry, refreshing and crisp aftertaste.

Buy Celtic Marches Holly GoLightly Cider

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