The Midweek Drink - Brutal Brewing A Ship Full of IPA

The Midweek Drink - Brutal Brewing A Ship Full of IPA

The Midweek Drink has finally dropped for the 61st time since its humble beginnings back in 2017. Since the beginning, I have had the privilege of reviewing - and enjoying - all types of beverages from London, the North and overseas, and now, I have the privilege once again to review for you an IPA that has sailed in from the shores of Sweden.

But before I reveal today’s choice of beverage, I would like to talk about the brewery that achieved this thirst-quenching IPA.

In 2011, Brutal Brewing first established itself in Vårby, Sweden during the rise of the microbreweries, and it's only natural that they jumped at the opportunity to be part of a new generation of beer makers. All of this wouldn’t of been possible if not for the employees from Spendrups and beer enthusiasts who saw a bright and big future with the Swedish brewery. So in 2018, the brewery managed to produce an alcohol-free IPA called A Ship Full Of IPA 0.0%

Also a fun fact: Brutal Brewing is the same brewery that produces Pistonhead Flat Tire.

So let’s crack on with the review!

The ingredients used in this IPA are water, barley malt & hops and is kept in a 330ml bottle. This IPA has a warm, dark amber colour, smooth carbonation that resemble strings of small beads running up the glass, which fade into a light brown, soft frothy head. The aromas of the hops can be picked out straightaway with a nice blend of caramel.

As you take a few sips of this light bodied IPA, you are at first welcomed with a soft, sweet caramel taste, and then, hit with a bitter aftertaste that is subtle and pleasant to the palate.

Where to buy Brutal Brewing A Ship Full of IPA

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