The Midweek Drink - Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects

The Midweek Drink - Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects

Good afternoon and welcome to another round of The Midweek Drink. With Wednesday now almost over, it is time to focus your gaze upon Friday and the weekend. With just only two more days to go, you may consider looking through our catalogue of alcohol-free beverages that will make the weekend just that much better! 

With today’s choice of the beverage, I may be able to entice you to give it a shot. Who knows, you may like it that much that you’ll come back and order a case or two for the next upcoming weekends!

This week’s Midweek Drink, I shall be reviewing for you an alcohol-free lager called Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects.

A brief history of Brooklyn Brewery

The idea of opening the brewery takes us back to 1984 when two men, Steve Hindy, a Middle East Correspondent, and Tom Potter, a banker and Steve’s downstairs neighbour, got together and decided to quit their jobs and start to produce their very own beer. Four years later, Brooklyn brewery was founded and opened its doors in Brooklyn, New York.

Since its opening, the brewery has produced fifteen active beers and six seasonal beers. In 2016, the Carlsberg Group reached an agreement with the brewery that allowed them to distribute its beers to the UK, Europe and Hong Kong.

Three senses and a beverage

Brooklyn Special Effects is an alcohol-free lager (0.4%) that is bottled in a 335ml bottle and has the following ingredients: water, barley malted, hops.

This lager has a clear, copper colour with an off-white head and an abundance of carbonation rising up and to the side of the glass.

From what I can pick out from the aroma is a mixture of hops and citrus notes with a hint of tropical fruit.

For the taste, it begins with a malty sweetness that finishes off with a pleasant bitter, dry aftertaste.

Where to buy Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects

You can buy Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects, here at LightDrinks for just £1.89 a bottle!

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