The Midweek Drink - BrewDog Punk AF

The Midweek Drink - BrewDog Punk AF

What a crisp Autumn day it is, today! Great, isn’t it? With October coming to a close - and Sober October, too - it is time now to focus on November, with Diwali and Guy Fawkes night as they treat us with a grand spectacle of colourful fireworks. But also, this is the last month before Christmas, so it may be the right time to begin your Christmas shopping for presents, food and drink.

Speaking of drink, I have suddenly got into IPA’s and cannot pull myself away from them. So I believe it was only right for me to review BrewDog’s alcohol-free IPA: Punk AF.

A brief history on BrewDog

In April of 2007, two lads from Scotland found the selection of alcohol in the brewing industry a tad boring, so they got together and decided to produce and bottle their own beers. Once they brewed their first batch, they began selling from the back of a van at local markets. In 2012, they moved from Fraserburgh to Ellon to continue to increase their catalogue of ale, stout and lager.

But turn the clocks back to 2008, something would happen that would prove just how passionate and creative they really were.

In 2008, they managed to brew the UK’s strongest beer that would touch the peoples lips: Tokyo. When the media got a whiff of this, they took up the opportunity to give huge backlash plus receiving a ban from a trade group for alcohol.

Three senses and a beverage

BrewDog’s Punk AF is an alcohol-free IPA that can be purchased either in a 330ml glass bottle or a 330ml can

When poured into a glass, it has a pale yellow colour that rises smoothly with a slow flow of carbonation to then finally reaching the top  of the glass with a thin, white head that dissipates quickly.

Taste wise: it does have the similarities of a typical IPA with its very crisp, sweet tropical fruit flavour at the tip of your tongue, which then finishes finely with a subtle, dry aftertaste. With the aroma, again notes of tropical fruit and hops stand out.

Buy BrewDog Punk AF

You can buy BrewDog Punk AF in bottles or cans, starting from £1.49. Both are available to buy here.

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