The Midweek Drink - Birra Moretti Zero Alcohol Free Beer

The Midweek Drink - Birra Moretti Zero Alcohol Free Beer

Hello and welcome to the 68th edition of The Midweek Drink. We have now reached week two of the summer half-term with another four to get through until peace and quiet can be obtained in the house again until next half-term. 

So if you are one of those who ordered from us during or before the summer half-term, and just needed to have some ‘me-time’ from the children, I do hope you now feel more relaxed - until the chaos starts all over again. Or if you haven’t had the chance to order from us, then why not take up this opportunity to read this fantastica review on Birra Moretti’s alcohol-free cousin, Birra Moretti Zero.

A brief history of Birra Moretti

In the town of Udine, northeastern Italy, a man by the name of Luigi Moretti founded the brewery in the year 1859; a year later, the first bottles went on sale. Fast forward to over 100 years later (1989), the brewery was sold to brewers, thus ending the Moretti family’s full ownership of the brewery. Seven years later, Heineken purchased the brewery and continue to run it to this day with great success, and in 2015, they launched six new Birra Moretti products.

Fun fact: the famous image of ‘the moustache man’ was inspired by Luigi Moretti’s nephew who saw a man sitting at a table while out for lunch.

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used for this lager are: water, barley malt, hop, hop extract, natural flavouring. Birra Moretti Zero is bottled in a 330ml bottle has an ABV of 0.05%.

This lager has a clear, amber colour tone with a thin white head and a rapid flow of carbonated bubbles racing to the top of the glass. 

For the aroma, the barley malt was very strong and very sweet to the nose.

Now, when it comes to the taste this may sound pretty strange. From what I could taste, it resembled a wheat beer which is quite odd…(though my tastebuds may be on the blink). But, I can’t complain as this lager was light, mildy bitter and very enjoyable - so enjoyable that 330ml isn’t enough. In-fact, it was more enjoyable than its 4.6% cousin.

Where to buy Birra Moretti Zero Alcohol Free Beer

You can buy Birra Moretti Zero Alcohol Free Beer here at LightDrinks!

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