The Midweek Drink - Big Drop Brewing Co Lager

The Midweek Drink - Big Drop Brewing Co Lager

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And that’s not just towards our regulars at LightDrinks; but to everyone up and down the country and across the world! I do hope that last year was good and prosperous for you and hope that this year brings that with it also.

Now that January has arrived, it has also brought with it dark mornings, dull weather and having to wait just that bit longer until payday. But what else does it bring with it? Dry January, of-course.

Dry January comes at a perfect time to cut down on the booze for a month right after the festive period when the consumption of alcohol - be it in small or large amounts - has made itself at home in your system. So now it is time to either hit the gym or if you are offered a drink by a friend, just politely say: "Thank-you for the offer; but I must decline and continue to achieve this month of sobriety, for you see, my body is a temple".

Today, my choice of drink is a lager that’s brewed by Big Drop Brewing Co. If the name looks familiar, its because I reviewed their Citrus Pale Ale a couple days ago. The ingredients used in this Lager are: water, barley, rye, wheat, hops, lactose, yeast. And the alcohol content of this lager is no more than 0.5%.

I have also mentioned about the history of Big Drop Brewing Co. in my previous post, so for those who already know: brilliant! But just in case for those of you who haven’t had the chance to read it - or may have already forgotten - you can now check it out below.

A brief history on Big Drop Brewing Co.

In April 2016, Rob Fink discovered that there was a lack of low/alcoholic beers on the market, and so decided to take matters in his own hands and get his ‘foot in the door’ in the craft brewery industry. In August of that year, Rob Fink collaborated with James Kindred to form Big Drop Brewing Co. Their first drink, Chocolate Stout, was released in November 2016 and was praised very highly by critics. In March 2017, Citrus Pale Ale was produced and also grew in popularity amongst critics, too. Finally, after receiving such great feedback from their previous drinks, they managed to brew up a Spiced Ale and a Lager in August 2017.

Three senses and a beverage

I love this part! I mean, writing up the information above is fun to do; but tasting the products? That is where the fun really is.

The Lager comes in a 300ml bottle with a label that depicts a sandy beach, with a bucket and spade dug into the sand; an inviting sea that just wants you to jump in to keep cool from the blazing sun and a row of houses in the background observing the beach itself.

It has a clear, pale yellow colour, not much of head when it is poured and moderate carbonation. The best way I can describe the taste: moderately bitter, very light with a crisp finish. And for the aroma: hoppy with a hint of citrus to it.

If it was summer right now, this would be the ideal drink to have on the beach or at a BBQ with good food and great company. So a bit of advice: stock up on this so you can be ready for the summer of 2018!

Want to try Big Drop Brew Lager? Grab a bottle or two here

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