The Midweek Drink - Big Drop Brewing Co Citrus Pale Ale

The Midweek Drink - Big Drop Brewing Co Citrus Pale Ale

Christmas is now over and 2018 is just round the corner; and with it comes Dry January. With so many people now becoming more health conscious about what they are putting inside their bodies, especially when it comes to alcoholic beverages, we believe as a company that we can help you with your journey of sobriety with great succession.

Today, I will be reviewing a Citrus Pale Ale brewed by Big Drop Brewing. The ingredients used in this are: water, barley, wheat, lactose, hops, lime, yeast.

In April 2016, Rob Fink discovered that there was a lack of low/alcoholic beers on the market, and so decided to take matters in his own hands and get his ‘foot in the door’ in the craft brewery industry. In August of that year, Rob Fink collaborated with James Kindred to form Big Drop Brewing Co. Their first drink, Chocolate Stout, was released in November 2016 and was praised very highly by critics. So in March 2017, Citrus Pale Ale was produced and became an instant hit, as well! Did I also mention that it won the World’s Best Style Award, too? You’ll understand why it won it when you decide to purchase this fantastic pale ale.

It comes in a 330ml with fantastic artwork that depicts a landscape of trees, fields, a rolling hillside in the background and a clear blue sky, painted in calm blue and green tones. It has a clear gold colour, moderate carbonation with a white head that dissipates quickly that leaves a thin band of white froth around the glass. Very refreshing and crisp taste with a slight bitterness that’s not to overpowering on the palette. And for the aroma, there are large hints of grapefruit, lime and pine which I believe would make this drink ideal for those hot summer days that we long for in England (you can’t beat the English summer!).

So as this is the final Midweek Drink of 2017, with many more to come in the new year of course, it’s great to look back at the drinks that I have tasted and enjoyed for your benefit and myself; and even more excited to review our ever-growing selection of drinks in 2018! From the LightDrinks team and myself, I wish you all a happy new year (which will be in four hours) and look forward to seeing you all again soon! And to those who are participating in Dry January: We Got Your Back!

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