The Midweek Drink - Big Drop Brew Citra Four Hop

Only five more sleeps until the big day! Are you feeling very Christmasy yet? With the continuous loop of Christmas songs playing over and over again; schools closing up for the next two weeks (peace shattered for you parents) and the last minute rush of panic-buying presents and food. That’s the true spirit of Christmas, and without that, it would be too quiet and too calm (and we don’t want that now, do we…).

At this moment, I am switching between writing up this article for you fellow L’Ders and wrapping up a couple of presents. So what goes well with this? A good drink, of course! And my choice to unwind - and to review - is Big Drop Brewing’s Limited Edition, Citra Four Hop Pale Ale.

A brief history on Big Drop Brewing Co. 

In April 2016, Rob Fink discovered that there was a lack of low/alcoholic beers on the market, and so decided to take matters in his own hands and get his ‘foot in the door’ in the craft brewery industry. 

In August of that year, Rob Fink collaborated with James Kindred to form Big Drop Brewing Co.

Their first drink, Chocolate Stout, was released in November 2016 and was praised very highly by critics. 

In March 2017, Citrus Pale Ale was produced and also grew in popularity amongst critics, too.

Finally, after receiving such great feedback from their previous drinks, they managed to brew up a Spiced Ale (known as Winter Ale) and a Lager in August 2017, with the addition of a Sour, Brown Ale and now another Pale Ale.

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used are: water, barley, wheat, lactose, hops, lime and yeast. This Pale Ale is in a 330ml bottle and has an ABV of 0.5%.

It has a dark amber colour with smooth carbonation and a frothy, white head. Now I know it says that there is lime in this ale, but I do pick out notes of peach which was unexpected, but a welcome surprise! And, of course, the hops. Taste wise? Very smooth on the palette, with a slight tingly sensation on the tongue with a subtle bitter, semi-dry aftertaste. 

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