The Midweek Drink - Bavaria 0.0%

Welcome to the 39th edition of The Midweek Drink. At this rate, I would have completely reviewed every beverage on our site, but luckily, our catalogue of beverages continues to grow every month, which, very soon, there will be a new drink announced every week!

September has finally arrived; you can feel it in the air and see it on the road as the 3pm traffic jam starts to build up with parents picking up their kids from school. Just a quick reminder before I go on talking about today’s choice of drink: There is 10% of all orders when you use the BACK2SCHOOL code when purchasing on the site. So hurry before it finishes this Friday!

So for today’s beverage, I have chosen a Bavarian, non-alcoholic beer called Bavaria 0.0%.

A brief history of the Bavaria Brewery

When was it founded?

The brewery was founded sometime before 1680 in Lieshout, Netherlands.

Who owns the brewery?

Before the Swinkels Family took control, the brewery was first owned by Dirk Vereijken in 1680 and was passed down to three generations until in 1764, Brigitta Moorrees married Ambrosius Swinkels, allowing the Swinkels family to have total ownership. Today, the seventh generation of the Swinkels still has control of the business

Where did they start? And how far have they come?

The brewery originally supplied their beer to local markets, and, as all business do, they grew in popularity and began venturing outside of Lieshout to other cities, nearby. In 1973, they began exporting across Southern Europe and now they have sold their beer all over 130 countries.

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used are: Natural Mineral Water, Barley Malt, Wheat and Hops. Bavaria 0.0% comes in a 330ml bottle. When you pour this beer in a glass, you get a hazy gold colour with soft carbonation and a frothy white head that lingers for quite some time, and finally, shrinking to leave white patches of foam on the inside of the glass. Sweet, fruity and very malty, is probably the best way I can describe the aroma. For the taste, I get a sweet, crisp taste with a hint of banana which is then finished off with a dry and mild bitterness.

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