The Midweek Drink - Baltika Unfiltered Wheat Beer

The Midweek Drink - Baltika Unfiltered Wheat Beer

Hello and welcome to the 63rd edition of the Midweek Drink. I do hope that you all had a restful Bank Holiday, and made the most of it as the next - and final - Bank Holiday will not be until August. Or, if you had thought ahead, you may have taken this opportunity to extending it for a whole week away from work; if so - bravo! And for those with children, I do hope the weather is better wherever you’ve decided to go, except inside the M25.

On this Midweek Drink, I will be reviewing a wheat beer that has been produced by Baltika Brewery, called Baltika Unfiltered Wheat Beer.

Now, for some brief facts of the brewery!

Baltika Brewery was founded in 1990 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Since 1996, the brewery has been No.1 in the Russian Market; has sold 34.6 million hectolitres of beer, and in 2008, the brewery eventually became part of the International Carlsberg Group. Baltika Brewery is also considered to be the largest brewery in Europe.

I told you it’ll be brief! So, let’s crack on with the review!

Baltika Unfiltered Wheat Beer has an alcohol content of 0.5% and is incased in a 450ml can.

The ingredients used are: water, pale barley malt, malt barley, wheat, malt, malt extract, complex food additive "spice" (flavours; acidity regulators: citric acid, lactic acid; antioxidants: ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol), hops.

This wheat beer has a hazy, pale yellow colour, with a frothy white head that rises up smoothly to the top of the glass to finally settling down, to what I can only describe, as resembling a soft cloud. It has a light and slightly grainy texture which I believe is quite typical from a wheat beer, and the taste of what reminds me of another famous wheat beer brewed in Belgium called Hoegaarden (or when I was younger, I always thought this wheat beer taste like bubblegum…strange tastebuds…). The best way I can describe the aroma of this wheat beer is it has sweet and fruity aroma.

Where to buy Baltika Unfiltered Wheat Beer

You can pick up Baltika Unfiltered Wheat Beer here at LightDrinks for just £1.69 a bottle!

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