The Midweek Drink - Ambar Gluten Free & Alcohol Free Beer

The Midweek Drink - Ambar Gluten Free & Alcohol Free Beer

April is among us - hurrah! And as the British weather goes, it has made itself known with the first - of many - Spring showers. Heck! It might even snow. And if so, Prince would be right (again). But I do hope that the weather didn’t dampen your spirits during the four-day weekend; and if it did, well I’m sure that you kept yourself occupied by scoffing down on Easter eggs - be it your own or your children’s.

So, on this windy, grey Wednesday, I’ll be treating myself to an alcohol-free beer that is also gluten-free! A win-win for beer enthusiasts who search far and wide - not in geographic terms; just Google - for that one beer that will, a) keep you sober & b) wont have you hesitantly checking the ingredients on the label. So today’s Midweek Drink is Ambar 0.0 Celiacos.

A brief history of Ambar

In 1900, the La Zaragozana brewery was founded in Aragon, Spain, by a group of friends with ambitions of making quality beer from the use of the barley in Aragon.

Two years later, Ambar beer was taken to Madrid, London and Paris where the beer was awarded a medal for its quality. 74 years later, Ambar introduced the first alcohol-free beer in Spain called Ambar Sin.

The company continued on the alcohol-free path and launched Ambar Lemon 0.0 in 2007; Ambar Manzana in 2008 & finally the world’s first alcohol-free & gluten-free beer in 2011 which, of-course, is Ambar 0.0 Celiacos.

Three senses and a beverage

I had to give this beer a shot because, as I have seen first-hand, it is quite popular on our site. In fact, we are in the process of getting more, so stay tuned!

A great light-gold tone fills the glass; light carbonation which manifests’ into a light, white frothy head. The aroma of this beer gives off large hints of hops. For the taste, what I personally believe what it reminds me of, is an old-fashioned ale with a slight kick of sweetness. It has a light body, very refreshing and was definitely worth trying out a gluten-free beer to fully understand the handwork that goes into making this.

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