The Midweek Drink - Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free

The Midweek Drink - Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free

Did you miss me and my fantastic reviews? If you did, then I apologise for not satisfying your eyes last week with one of my chosen beverages. The reason? Well, we’ve been very busy these past two weeks; and we’ll be even busier for the next couple of weeks coming up.

Oh, and I have one thing that I need to say: COME ON ENGLAND! Our young lions are now through to the quarter-finals, and I can’t wait - maybe even yourself - for this Saturday.

Now that I’ve got some downtime, I believe I should use this time to choose today’s Midweek Drink: Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol-Free Citrus Pale Ale.

A brief timeline of Adnams

1872: The Sole Bay Brewery is purchased by two brothers, George and Ernest Adnams.

1890: Ernest Adnams and Thomas Sergeant establish Adnams & Company Ltd. (Unfortunately, due to a misfortunate event involving a crocodile, George could not continue to work with the brewery).

1953: Adnams beer is awarded the Star of Excellence in Brussels at the Brewers Exhibition.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, Adnams has since produced the UK’s first Carbon Neutral beer; produced their own spirits, won an award for their Gin and achieved their goal of raising £1million through their charity.

Three senses and a beverage

The ingredients used are: Water, Malted Barley, Malted Rye, Hops and Yeast. The alcohol content of this citrus pale ale is 0.5%.

Ghost Ship Citrus Pale Ale is contained in a 330ml can with beautiful artwork of a ghost ship silently sailing across the calm ocean, with the sunsetting under the horizon.

The first thing that is very notable about this pale ale is the citric aroma of lemon and lime escaping as you crack the lid open. It has a clear, amber colour, white frothy head and a constant trail of bubbles rising up to the top of the glass. Very light bodied with a pleasant bitterness and malty finish.

If you were to close your eyes and drink this, you would automatically think that you were drinking the original Ghost Ship. It’s so spot on!

Where to Buy Adnams Ghost Ship Alcohol Free

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