The History of Krombacher

The History of Krombacher

Beer brands all have their own distinct personality in a way some are very popular in their home country, some have global appeal, and some are a bit niche. Krombacher is an interesting case because it seems to hit all of these categories to some degree.

So, let’s take a more in-depth look at this German beer brand and see what we can uncover, shall we? Now if anyone knows about beer it’s the Germans and everyone loves a good German beer don’t they?

But how many of you readers have heard of Krombacher? Some might be familiar with it but it likely isn’t a name everyone will know especially when compared to brands like Heineken or Budweiser. So, let’s explore the history of Krombacher and see what makes it stand out.

The Early Days

Established in 1803 Krombacher is a very old name in the industry it was founded by Johannes Haas who was the son of a local tavern owner. At the time beer could only be legally sold in restaurants if said establishment had its own onsite brewery.

So, that is exactly what Hass setup and the Krombacher brewery was established. The key difference with Krombacher is that mineral water from the Krombacher Rock Spring is used during the brewing process. The Spring which was discovered in 1722 supplies water to the Breitenbach Dam and helps give the beer its unique taste.

Haas even paid for a water pipeline to be added to the brewery to get water from the Spring more easily as well. Now, this is where the story of Krombacher changes slightly because unlike many old breweries this wasn’t a family-run business at least not in the regular sense.

Because, the brewery was sold in 1896 to Otto Eberhardt who formed it into a corporation. Krombacher is still owned by the Eberhardt family to this day. So, yes Krombacher is family owned but not by the family who actually founded it.

Krombacher Today

So, what can we say about Krombacher today? Well for one thing it is one of Germany’s largest privately owned breweries and is also one of the country’s most popular beer brands. However, while it is still a popular choice in some countries to many it is overshadowed by the other leading German beer brand Becks.

In some countries, Krombacher is even considered more of a niche choice when it comes to beers. But even so Krombacher manages to have some level of popularity over every audience. In Germany, it is often the beer of choice in a pub or restaurant but in other countries, it’s not quite as popular but still had its audience.

Like most beer brands today Krombacher offers plenty of choices when it comes to the beers under its label. But if we are looking at just the standard Krombacher beer then you can look forward to a natural, fresh beer with a spicy aroma.

The light body and fresh taste are quite distinct thanks to the Spring water used in its formation. It’s also worth talking about Krombacher’s move into the low/ alcohol-free market as well. Krombacher Low-Alcohol Pils only has 0.5% alcohol making it ideal for people looking to cut down their alcohol consumption.

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