The Effects of Alcohol on the Mind and Body and Alternative Drinks

Alcohol might have a lot of fans, just take a quick look at your local pub on a Friday night and see how busy it is, but while many people do consider it a treat and are careful not to over indulge even a small amount of alcohol can have wide reaching effects. Everyone knows the dangers of drinking too much alcohol but did you know the effects it can have on your mind and body?

Alcohol’s effects on the brain are well documented it can cause memory loss, blackouts and feelings of depression and anxiety. Young people, in particular, are very at risk because their brains are still developing.

Long term effects of alcohol consumption can even include extreme mental issues like psychosis and the risk of becoming dependant on alcohol is also a real problem. Alcohol can cause a range of health issues like lung infections, stomach ulcers, internal bleeding and it’s the second biggest risk factor for certain types of cancer.

The problem with alcohol is that there really is no limit to harm it can cause. It can affect all your major organs, your skin, your teeth and much more and it will affect people differently. People with certain health conditions and problems should also avoid alcohol altogether because it can easily make existing issues worse. 

What’s The Alternative?

While it’s true that in moderation you can still enjoy alcohol with only limited effects that limit will differ from person to person. And people with pre-existing health conditions whether physical or mental are usually best staying clear of alcohol altogether.

But this doesn’t mean you just have to stick to water of soft drinks, you can still enjoy the great taste of a wide range of drinks without any alcohol. At Lightdrinks we provide an amazing range of alcohol-free drinks. This includes non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic ales, non-alcoholic spirits, and non-alcoholic wine.

You get the same great taste but without any harmful effects and because they’re alcohol-free they are also much lower in calories. Our great range of alcohol-free drinks are ideal for a wide range of people, if you’re dieting, suffer an illness or simply want to cut down on what you drink our non-alcoholic drinks are the perfect alternative.

Plus, you have the added peace of mind in knowing that we test every single product we offer, to ensure it meets our high standards and tastes like it should. Take our Heineken alcohol-free beer, for example, it’s made with only natural ingredients and Heineken’s very own yeast.

So, you’ll get an authentic tasting beer without any of the harmful side effects and it’s much lower in calories as well. But at Lightdrinks we know it’s not just about the taste one of the most appealing parts of any alcoholic drink is the aroma they have. And we make sure all the products we offer have an authentic fragrance as well.

So, keeping with our Heineken alcohol-free beer as the example you can be sure that every bottle will have the famous and refreshing scent of slight fruity notes and a soft malty body to perfectly compliment it. With Lightdrinks you can be sure all our non-alcoholic drinks whether they’re alcohol-free spirits, wines or beers will taste and smell just like they should. 

Avoiding The Dangerous Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol-free drinks might not have the best reputation but that’s likely because you’ve never had a high-quality one before. At Lightdrinks our great range of alcohol-free drinks will taste and smell just like the real thing and you can avoid all the harmful side effects that alcohol can cause.

Alcohol can cause a wide range of effects to both the mind and body. Numerous professional organisations have researched the dangers of alcohol so there’s plenty of evidence backing up their claims.

For one example, you can see that The Mental Health Foundation found that 65% of suicides have been linked to excessive drinking. The problems alcohol can cause to your body are more noticeable and known about but the mental problems it can cause or exacerbate are just as serious.

So why take the risks? With Lightdrinks range of products, all tastes are accounted for so whether your like spirits or beer you’ll find plenty of non-alcoholic options in our amazing range of products. Alcohol-free beers, alcohol-free spirits, wines and much more are all available so you can avoid the dangerous effects of alcohol and keep both your mind and body healthy.

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