The Booming Industry of Non-Alcoholic Drinks In The UK & Europe

Alcoholic drinks have always had this enticing aura about them, when you’re a teenager alcoholic drinks like beer have a reputation of being a sort of gateway to manhood for males especially. But it’s not just beer that has this reputation either, all kinds of alcoholic drinks do.

However, things could be changing because nowadays their non-alcoholic counterparts have grown in popularity and in some cases have even started rivalling their alcoholic counterparts. In the UK and Europe, in particular, the sales of non-alcoholic drinks have been rapidly growing year on year.

But why is this happening? Well, let’s look at the UK first, in the year 2000 70% of 18 to 24-year-olds reported that they had at least one alcoholic drink a week. But in 2010 only 48% of 18 to 24-year-olds reported they had an alcoholic drink in the same timeframe.

The sales of alcoholic drinks like beer have also fallen in the last few years, and overall the alcoholic drinks market is very stagnant. There are a number of reasons for this first of all there is a lot more competition nowadays when it comes to time and entertainment.

Going out to the pub or clubbing and getting drinks is still popular but nowadays many younger people will prefer staying in to play video games with friends and social media as stopped many people from going to the pub to meet with friends.

So, alcoholic drinks have fallen victim to modern technologies and innovations and pubs just aren’t seen as the social hubs they once were. However, alcoholic drinks have also been losing ground in other ways as well especially to non-alcoholic drinks.

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