How You Can Fit Drinking Alcohol Into A Calorie Counting Diet

There are a variety of reasons why someone may decide that they need or want to diet. The main reason of course is to lose weight, but others may take a look at their eating habits and amend them to achieve a healthier body.

One thing that seems to be a bit of a negative factor in any fitness or diet plan is drinking alcohol. There are a variety of reasons for this. So, with this in mind here at LightDrinks we are taking a look at how you can fit drinking alcohol into a calorie counting diet.

Why is drinking alcohol seen to be difficult fitting into a diet?

The main reason why drinking alcohol is seen as a bad thing for a calorie counting diet is because it is essentially empty calories. It is something that you are taking into your body, with no positive impact or nutritional value to it.

If that wasn’t enough then drinking alcohol is also known to slow down the body’s ability to burn fat, particularly around the belly area. Where it can be difficult anyway to lose weight and tone up. It can also negatively affect your sleeping pattern, which also has an impact on the way that you eat for the following day.

So, does this mean that I shouldn’t drink alcohol whilst dieting?

It may seem that way, but cutting alcohol out of your diet completely is never going to be much fun. Which means that you are likely to want to find ways to include drinking alcohol and maybe taking a more flexible dieting and fitness approach.

The thing to remember is that having an alcoholic drink is a treat, and it should be treated that way. If you are serious about dieting and fitness, then make sure that you stick to your recommend alcohol unit intake. The other thing to do is to forget the “I’ll stick to vodka as it is healthier” approach. Whilst there are some drinks that have less calorie content in them than others, if you are treating yourself to an alcoholic drink then make sure that it is one that you are really going to enjoy.

Finally, why not see if you can switch your standard alcoholic drink to something that is a little lower in alcohol content? There are some fantastic low alcohol option out there. They not only deliver on taste, but they can make sure that you enjoy an alcoholic drink, without worrying that you are taking in far too many calories.

Why not check out the range that we have at LightDrinks? With so many great options to consider, you can discover that low alcohol doesn’t have to mean low flavour!

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