How To Survive Dry January

How To Survive Dry January

Dry January is an annual event that is particularly popular in the UK. The rules for Dry January are quite simple participants abstain from alcohol for the whole month. But of course, while it might seem simple there is a lot more to it than you might first think.

Dry January isn’t aimed at one particular group of people it’s designed to help everyone start the new year healthy! However, many people start Dry January only to end up failing it before meeting the finish line.

31 days is a long time after all but if you want to give Dry January a try then read on below because we can help! We’ve collated all the advice you need to help you not only start Dry January successfully but also ensure you finish it as well.

Know Why You’re Doing It

People take part in Dry January for all kinds of reasons this is a good thing but it can make it a little difficult for people to stay on track. This is why anyone undertaking Dry January must know why they want to do it! Do you want to cut down on your alcohol consumption, get in shape, or simply start the new year with a blank slate?

That’s just a sample of the possibilities there are many more but when you know why you want to take on the Dry January challenge you will know what to focus on. If you’re undertaking Dry January to save money then you could put all the money you would spend on drinks to one side and then see how much you are saving.

If you are undertaking it to be healthier then you could see how much weight you’re losing every week or so. By knowing what your end goal is you’ll be able to check up and see how you’re progressing which will help ensure you stay on track.  

Avoid Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is undoubtedly dangerous when it comes to the Dry January challenge. Sometimes all it can take for people to give up is a friend or coworking saying “come on just one drink we’re all having one”.

This is why you shouldn’t be shy about Dry January and tell people if they ask because then you likely won’t get hassled into having a drink. If you really want to avoid peer pressure or think people might be too pushy then simply avoid going to the pub or out for lunch till after January.

Start Early

Many people undertaking Dry January take the last few days of December to drink and indulge themselves. While this does make a certain kind of sense after all Christmas and New Year happen during the end of the month if you really want to succeed I recommend getting started early.

You don’t have to stop completely but should try to lower your drinking over the last week or two of December. This will make starting the actual Dry January challenge much easier and you’ll be more likely to succeed.  

Add-In Some Exercise

Yes, this might sound like you are making an already difficult challenge harder but adding in some exercise can actually help! Exercise will help you feel more energised and alert and help your body get healthier/ feel stronger.

This will help you stay on track and away from alcohol because you’ll actually feel the difference and don’t worry you don’t have to jump straight into the gym. Some gentle cardio, home weight lifting or even something like swimming can all make a big difference.  

Don’t Do It Alone

This won’t be a possibility for everyone but if you can then doing the Dry January challenge with a friend or family member will be sure to help you succeed. If you can’t find anyone you know willing to do the challenge then don’t worry because you could always join a group on social media. It’s not quite the same but it will help and give you a community you can talk to.

Plan Ahead

Jumping into Dry January without doing any planning means you are likely to fail at some point. But don’t worry it doesn’t have to be hard. If you usually go for drinks at the end of the week with friends or have a glass of wine in the evening then all you need to do is plan ahead for what to do instead. Swap out your wine for orange juice and ensure any place you might be going with friends as a non-alcoholic alternative.  

Look Out For Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a valuable way to help ensure you maintain good health and wellbeing in both the body and mind. This can be valuable when it comes to Dry January because halting your alcohol consumption for a month can certainly impact your mood. So, look out for foods and beverages rich in vitamin B like salmon, leafy greens, eggs, white meats, and milk.

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