How To Stay Sober This Christmas

How To Stay Sober This Christmas

Christmas is a time for fun and festivity! That also usually means you will be having a lot of food and drink as well. The Christmas season seems to start earlier every year but it doesn’t really matter when it starts or finishes when it comes to the challenge of staying sober.

Staying sober over Christmas might seem easy at first but when you really get into it things can be much more difficult than they might first appear. For example, are you having a work’s Christmas party or having dinner out with friends or family over Christmas?

If you are then you will likely have a drink or two won’t you? Sure you might say you’ll have a soft drink or some juice but social pressure is a very real thing. Many people think they have no choice but to get an alcoholic drink over Christmas because it’s festive!

That might seem strange but look at just how many popular Christmas gifts relate to drinking in some way. There is even a whole range of Christmas themed alcoholic beverages as well. It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll stay sober but when you get to that party or sit down to eat all thoughts of sobriety can quickly disappear.

There are many reasons to stay sober during the Christmas period and no matter what people might say, or what you might initially think it doesn’t make you any less fun or mean you aren’t getting into “the spirit of things”. Christmas doesn’t mean you have to get drunk, does it?

Whether it’s for health or religious reasons or simply something you want to do because you feel it will help you enjoy the season more there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay sober over the Christmas period. And in many ways, it reflects society’s growth and the turning away from binge-drinking culture.

Alcohol Free/Non Alcoholic – All The Help You Need

While staying sober over Christmas can be a challenge, especially if you usually indulge yourself over the Christmas period it can be done! In fact, in some ways staying sober over Christmas is going to be easier these days.

This is because the popularity of alcohol free and non-alcoholic drinks has really exploded in the last few years. Alcohol free and non-alcoholic drinks used to be very limited and were rarely sold in establishments like bars, pubs, and clubs.

And even if they were sold you might only find one or two different types of non-alcoholic beers on offer. They also likely wouldn’t have tasted great either but the rise in popularity of alcohol free and non-alcoholic beverages have changed all this.

Nowadays alcohol free and non-alcoholic beverages are relatively common sights in all kinds of establishments. And while they might not rival their alcoholic equivalents when it comes to choice there is still a great variety of them available.

If you like beer then you’ll find plenty of non-alcoholic and alcohol free varieties available. But there are also non-alcoholic wines, assorted spirits and even those seasonal Christmas favourites like Eggnog available!

The range of alcohol free and non-alcoholic drinks isn’t the only thing that has improved either. The quality of the beverages is much higher as well with many non-alcohol alternatives closely matching their alcoholic counterparts in tastes, fragrance and even texture!

But many alcohol free and non-alcoholic beverages have been designed to have totally unique tastes and fragrances as well. So, whether you want something new and exotic or something closely matching your usual alcoholic drink of choice you’ll find plenty available.

Staying sober over Christmas doesn’t mean you have to stick to soft drinks, fruit juices or water there is a lot of room for personal taste thanks to the ever-expanding range of both alcohol free and non-alcoholic drinks. So, if you want to lay off the alcohol this year then alcohol free and non-alcoholic drinks can be a big help.

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