How Does Alcohol Effect The Liver

How Does Alcohol Effect The Liver

The body is a wonderful thing. It is a ‘temple’ that should be cared for and maintained with the right foods; daily exercise and plenty of water to keep us functioning at 100% everyday. But when it comes to over eating and drinking in excess, our ‘temple’ will begin to crumble and decay from the inside and out. 

So to avoid such destruction, we must make sure our organs are happy and healthy with what we consume - the liver, especially.

How important is the liver?

The liver is the largest organ in the body and plays an important role to keeping us healthy and alive. It can absorb nutrients from the food we eat; break down fat, fight infections and destroy toxins. So knowing how important this organ is, we should think twice of what we should consume in moderation; and alcohol is at the top of the list.

It’s Friday night, you get a text from a friend saying “You coming down the pub?”, you agree to go and look forward to the night-out. When you arrive you’ll enjoy a couple; as the night goes on, the binge drinking begins.

It can take up to one hour for your liver to break down an alcoholic beverage, so if you did decide to go on a binge that one Friday night, your liver will have to work overtime. Unfortunately, those who rely on alcohol on an everyday basis from dawn till dusk will be putting a huge strain on their liver that will lead to liver cancer.

What is liver cancer?

Liver cancer is a form of cancer that can be caused by an excess of alcohol consumption. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol on a daily period can cause cirrhosis on the liver.

Cirrhosis is a chronic disease that can cause inflammation, toxic substances and a build-up of tissue on the liver that will stop the liver from functioning efficiently.

The best way to prevent such a dramatic and life-threatening illness is to reduce your daily consumption to a moderate number of units, and have breaks between your drinking days.

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