Guinness’s New Alcohol Free Beer

Guinness’s New Alcohol Free Beer

Guinness is a well-known name in the beer world in fact it’s so popular that even non-drinkers likely recognise its name and logo. But while Guinness has an impressive range of beverages under their moniker, there’s latest alcohol-free beer could be their best yet.

Guinness Draught 0.0 Alcohol Free Stout is the company’s first alcohol-free stout and looks to be a fierce competitor in the growing alcohol-free beer market. Non-alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages have grown year on year and are now recognised as an increasingly viable market by many.

So, it seems that it was inevitable that big brands like Guinness would create their own products eventually. In fact, this alcohol-free beer was actually in the pipeline for quite some time as Guinness didn’t want to rush the process.  

During the product launch, Guinness explained that it had taken them 4 years to develop the beer. With them opting for a cold filtration method, in the end, this was chosen to help ensure the classic Guinness taste wasn’t lost during the removal of the alcohol.

When it comes to ingredients Guinness Draught 0.0 uses the same natural choices as its alcoholic counterpart. This includes barley, hops, yeast, and of course water. The cold filtration process allows the alcohol to be removed without the risk of any thermal stress.

This helps ensure Guinness Draught 0.0 still has the same great taste you would expect from the brewers at Guinness. The alcohol-free beer is brewed at the famous St James’s Gate brewery, so it certainly is in good hands.

Guinness Draught 0.0 – What To Expect?

I’ve already talked at length about the impressive alcohol-free Guinness Draught 0.0 but let’s get right down to it, what can you really expect it to taste like? While alcohol-free and non-alcoholic beers have certainly grown more popular many brewers have struggled to replicate beers' famous taste.

But Guinness is confident in their latest venture saying Guinness Draught 0.0 offers “the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour and unique dark colour of Guinness”. So, it could be the right drink to win more people over to trying alcohol-free/ non-alcoholic options.

Aisling Ryan, the Innovation Brewer at St James’s Gate brewery also praised the beverage saying: “Guinness has always had an unwavering commitment to quality, and our entire brewing team is hugely proud of the care and effort that has been put into the four-year development process for Guinness 0.0”

He continued saying: “We have created a taste experience that we believe is truly unrivalled in the world of non-alcoholic beer”. However, if you really want to experience the taste of Guinness’s new alcohol-free beer there really is only one way to and that is to give it a try.

Like many alcohol free / non alcoholic beverages you also have the peace of mind in knowing that Guinness Draught 0.0 is also quite healthy. It has only 16 calories per 100ml which means a regular can is only around 80 calories.

Where to buy Guinness Draught 0.0

You can pick up the newly released Guinness Draught 0.0 here at LightDrinks

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