Go Sober for October

Go Sober for October

October isn’t just the month of Halloween it’s also the go-to month for sobriety. You might have seen the Go Sober for October campaign being mentioned in the past few weeks but where does it come from and what’s it all mean?

Well, the Go Sober for October campaign is annually held to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. That still stands today and while the campaign is UK based it has grown significantly on both national and international levels over the years.

Many people take part in the Go Sober for October campaign without really realising it is designed to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Go Sober for October is also held alongside the NHS’s Stoptober campaign which is aimed to help smokers kick that habit for a month.

Becoming A Soberhero!  

The Go Sober for October campaign is based around making people Soberheros as they raise money. The official website shows how even smaller amounts of money can make a big difference to MacMillan Cancer Support.

But whether you are thinking of doing the Go Sober for October challenge to support MacMillan or on your own as a personal challenge it will be sure to help your health. Going sober for 31 days isn’t easy especially if you are the kind of person who likes at least one drink a day.

But if you manage to do the whole month then you will almost certainly finish it feeling happier and healthier. It’s important to note that many people do seem to have the wrong idea about what Go Sober for October is aimed at. While it is an effective fundraising effort the campaign also aims to help people make healthier lifestyle changes.

The campaign isn’t designed to get people to stop drinking completely, although it can certainly help people do that. It also isn’t aimed at people with more severe drinking problems although once again someone in that position could find Go Sober for October helpful.

In fact, the campaign even as a golden ticket feature that allows people to enjoy one drink for a special occasion or as a one-off treat if they make a minimum donation of £15. The Go Sober for October campaign aims to help show people that they can stay of alcohol if they really try.

And once you’ve done it for a month it will be much easier to continue in the future and of course it also helps raise money for Macmillan and all the great work they do. If you want to officially join the Go Sober for October campaign you will need to join on the official website to set-up a fundraising profile.

However, many people do the challenge unofficially as well with many also donating to Macmillan at the end of the month. So, if you want to cut down on your drinking now is certainly the best time to do it as you know you won’t be facing the challenge alone.

Tips For Success

So, if you are thinking of giving Sober for October a try what can you do to increase your chances of success? Well, there are a few things you can try one great tip is to try and do the challenge with a friend or family member. Do you and some of your workmates go for drinks after work regularly? If so then why not try doing Sober for October together instead.

And the good news is you can still go for drinks together with the wide range of non-alcoholic and low alcohol beverages available you still have plenty of options when going to pubs, clubs, and bars. You can even find plenty of these same alcohol-free drinks in supermarkets as well.

Yes swapping out your favourite beer or wine for a low alcohol or completely non-alcoholic equivalent might be difficult at first but there have been some huge developments in the low and non-alcoholic drinks market. Nowadays many of these beverages closely match their alcoholic counterparts in taste and texture.

Plus, you can find many more interesting and exotic flavours as well. So, there is still plenty of drinks to enjoy during Sober for October so don’t let that put you off. With the nation's drinking habits changing and the rise in popularity of non-alcoholic drinks, we could see plenty of people continuing the healthier drinking habits they develop during Sober for October.

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