Fizzy Drinks vs Alcohol Free Beer

Fizzy Drinks vs Alcohol Free Beer

Whether you are continuing the dry January diet or simply want to cut down on your alcohol while you’re out with friends there is now more choice for people when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks. But while competition between manufacturers and the extra choices we have are certainly great things for consumers there are still two main types of drink vying for the top spot. 

These are alcohol free (or non-alcoholic) beers and fizzy drinks. These two beverages are very different but which should you opt for when you feel like giving alcohol a miss for the night? Well, that depends on what you are really in the mood for doesn’t it? 

Let’s look at taste first of all, shall we? Alcohol free beers are designed to replicate the taste of beer and nowadays they can actually do this quite well. Sure you might be able to tell the difference but the majority of people will still find the taste of alcohol free beer to be very pleasant. 

There is also a lot of choice nowadays when it comes alcohol free beer you can get light and dark beers and even more exotic flavours. So, don’t think by opting for the non-alcoholic option that you’ll be left with less choice. 

But while alcohol free beers offer a great taste that imitates the real thing how does it compare to fizzy drinks? Fizzy drinks come in a variety of flavours some of the most popular include orange, lemonade, and cola. But while fizzy drinks are certainly popular how do they really compare to alcohol free beer?

You get a wider range of more distinct flavours with fizzy drinks but alcohol free beers will taste more like an actual alcoholic drink. That might seem obverse but since many people will usually be looking for an alternative to traditional beer but still want a similar taste it makes sense that many people will prefer alcohol free beer to a fizzy drink.

But the taste isn’t the only thing to consider is it? Which of the two drinks is more healthy? Well, this is another issue that gets a little complicated. Both fizzy drinks and alcohol free beer will have sugar but alcohol free beers will usually only have natural sugars from the hops. 

While fizzy drinks will have added artificial sugars although the amount will depend on the type of fizzy drink. Some fizzy drinks are going to be higher than others but there are lower sugar options available as well like diet and zero sugar fizzy drinks.

Overall if you are looking for a healthier option you are best opting for alcohol free beer or a diet fizzy drink. But there is another factor we need to look at and this is your surroundings, many people simply will not want to have a fizzy drink while they are out. 

Rightly or wrongly fizzy drinks have a bit of childish label attached to them, that’s not to say adults don’t still drink them (because they certainly do) but many won't want to drink them while they out especially at a pub or restaurant. Of course, this doesn’t go for everyone but I think it’s fair to say that it does make an impact. 

Coca-Cola one of the giants in the fizzy drink world recently introduced their own line of alcohol-free sparkling drinks like cider so even the giants of the fizzy drink world are using non-alcoholic drinks to better market themselves. 

Fizzy drinks and alcohol free beers have significant crossover appeal but while fizzy drinks might have a bigger impact outside of pubs, bars and restaurants inside them alcohol free beers are the more popular of the two. And alcohol free beers have been showing steady growth year on year as well, so I think we can expect to see the battle between the two heating up in the future.   

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