Craft Beer In The UK

Craft Beer In The UK

Craft beers are great, aren’t they? They offer you something different and unusual in the majority of cases and have seen a big boom in popularity in recent years. Craft beers are made by microbreweries and are designed to offer something more unusual than the beers you commonly find on offer.

Craft beers are a result of the microbrewing movement which actually started in the UK in the 1970s although similar movements have been around in many other countries as well. Craft beers are still very popular in the UK and beer drinkers have been known to travel far and wide to try rare limited edition craft beers.

The microbrewing movement which started the popularity of craft beers was actually a joint venture by a group of smaller breweries that wanted to focus on using cask ales without the interference of lager pubs and chains.

In many ways, the craft beer movement in the UK has remained the same over the years although it isn’t all based around using cask ales now. Microbreweries can be found all around the UK and they all have their own individual focus. Some focus on using specific ingredients while others are experimenting with more unusual combinations. A good example of two microbreweries that are making waves are Nirvana Brewery & Big Drop Brewing Co. Both using top of the range brewing techniques to produce alcohol-free beers with the same taste and smell of a normal beer (excluding the hangovers!).

The Popularity of Craft Beer

Craft beer has been growing year on year when it comes popularity and that is especially true in the UK. There are even pubs that specialise in craft beers and some pubs have gone one step further and even started producing their own beers. 

Beer lovers can even subscribe to craft beer groups to be sent samples each month which is also carried out in other countries like the USA. Microbrewing kits are also popular gifts as many people have even started setting up their own microbreweries as well.

So, why is craft beer still so popular in the UK? I think the main reason is that beer lovers have simply got a little bored. Craft beers offer something new and unusual which makes them stand out from the regular beers you usually see in pubs. 

Beer might be a very popular drink but it can’t be argued that it’s a little stagnant in some ways. Which is why the uniqueness offered by craft beers can be so very appealing to people. The popularity of some microbreweries in the past has even caused lager companies to buy them out.

Now brewing your own beer is easier than ever before and it’s highly likely we will continue to see a rise in the number of microbreweries in the next few years. Craft beer is still incredibly popular in the UK and I estimate that it will continue to rise in the years to come. So, now you know the history of craft beer in the UK let’s look at some of the most popular craft beers.

The Beavertown Brewery

These canned beers were first designed for the popular Dukes Brew and Que BBQ restaurant in London. The restaurant actually closed down just last year but the beers are still available which is great news for craft beer lovers. 

The beers which have incredibly vibrant can designs were designed to fit alongside the meaty barbecue menu. There are currently seven very unique beers available including pale ales and malts and they are all worth checking out.

Meantime Beers

Meantime proudly state on their website that they make “proper beer” but don’t take that to mean old-fashioned because Meantime certainly have some more unusual and unique flavours. They are a popular craft beer in London and they have a great array of flavours to choose from.

Some highlights of their offerings include the fruity Raspberry Wheat beer which almost sounds like a dessert in a bottle, a mocha, and chocolate blend with their Chocolate Porter and a mocha coffee and vanilla malt with their London Stout.

That’s just some of the beers available in the Meantime range and they are all worth checking out if you’re a craft beer lover!

Belleville Beers

The story of Belleville beers is probably one many beer lovers know. What started out as a project between some dads at their children’s school turned into a very popular London beer. The name Belleville actually comes from the school in question.

Belleville actually has a more American-style craftsmanship which offers something a little more unusual. They offer pale ales, stouts, and lagers but that is really just the beginning. Alongside their four core beers, Belleville offers seasonal beers throughout the year as well.

So, that is a look at craft beer in the UK, there is so much to see and explore which means beer lovers will be quite literally spoilt for choice and remember you could always give it a go yourself.

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