CleanCo – The Non Alcoholic Spirit Company

CleanCo – The Non Alcoholic Spirit Company

Founded in 2019 by Made in Chelsea star, Spencer Matthews. CleanCo is a non-alcoholic spirit company, boasting 5 different products.

Initially launching with their Clean G (gin), the company has since expanded, including Clean R (rum), Clean V (vodka), and Clean T (tequila). They have also launched their new ready-to-drink cans; Clean G&T and CleanRum & Cola.

They make their products at Union Distillers, working with Mark Gamble and his team. CleanCo say “they are tremendous visionaries and welcome the toughest of challenges”. Successfully creating Clean G, they say they will continue to work together using traditional distillation methods to develop their range.

CleanCo G (Gin Alternative)

Take on: London Dry Gin, Clean G includes carefully sourced real juniper, which is blended to a secret recipe and distilled. Other ingredients are mixed, to finish the non-alcoholic spirit.

Clean G only contains 12 calories per 50ml serving. It also contains no sugar, sweeteners, and best of all no hangover. Its vegan, lactose free and gluten free, and contains less than 0.5% ABV.

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CleanCo R (Rum Alternative)

Take on: Spiced Caribbean Rum. The flavoured Jamaican rum is mixed with a blend of secretly guarded spices. Combining other ingredients to create the finished non-alcoholic spirit.

As with Clean G, this only contains 12 calories per 50ml serving. Vegan, lactose free, and gluten free. Less than 0.5% ABV. No hangover.

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Clean T (Tequila Alternative)

Tequila, tequila, tequila. The new non-alcoholic tequila; Clean T. Great for the non-alcoholic Margarita’s – without the hangover.

Fresh green agave, new oak aromas and hints of olive, complemented with sweet melon and subtle fruit flavours. Finishing with a tingle and dry peppery finish.

Great to see their new addition is also just 12 calories for 50ml serving. Again, no sugar, sweeteners. Vegan, lactose free and gluten free. Less than 0.5% ABV.

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