Big Drop Brewing: The History

Big Drop Brewing: The History

Alcohol free and low alcohol beer has been a steadily growing market over the last decade or so. Once asking for something alcohol-free in a pub or bar would likely have been met with a confused look whereas nowadays there is a wide variety of different beverages available.

Numerous low/alcohol-free beer brands have been set up and are these days very popular and today we are celebrating one of the most well-known Big Drop Brewing! Big Drop Brewing was a labour of love and designed to offer people a tasty alcohol alternative. So, let’s take a look at the history of Big Drop Brewing in more detail.

The Early Days

Big Drop Brewing was founded in October 2016 by Rob Fink and James Kindred. The two who become Father’s where frustrated with the lack of low/non-alcoholic beers available, so they endeavoured to create their own.

Rather than using the more “traditional” artificial alcohol removal techniques, Big Drop Brew utilises craft beer like formation. This allowed them to make their alcohol without compromising the taste and it is only 0.5% ABV at most.

Big Drop Brewing also doesn’t just use barley when creating their range of beers either. They use a variety of different ingredients which includes barley, wheat, rye, and oats. Together these give all the beers in their impressive range a unique, high-quality flavour and aroma.

One of the first beers from Big Drop Brewing was the 0.5% Milk Stout, this beverage quickly made a name for itself and even received numerous awards! Melissa Cole from the British Guild of Beer Writers gave particularly high praise saying, “The most impressive no/low alcohol beer I have ever tried; no argument, it just is.”

Expanding The Range

Big Drop Brewing didn’t just stick with their Milk Stout though they quickly added more low/non-alcoholic beers to their range. In March 2017 they added an impressive Pale Ale to their range which was joined by a classic low-alcohol lager and seasonal spiced ale in June of the same year.

Their Pale Ale even won the World’s Best Pale Beer at the World Beer Awards 2017! By December 2018 Big Drop Brewing had begun exporting their beers to numerous pub chains and supermarkets around the UK and beyond.

And by January 2019 Big Drop Brewing was available on draft in many Barworks Group establishments. By December numerous other beers from the Big Drop Brew had launched including a vegan-friendly lager. Perhaps their most impressive was their Citra IPA.

The alcohol free IPA utilises citrus fruits for a very unique and distinct flavour with a sharp bitter twist. The beverage again won numerous awards including bronze in the World Beer Awards 2019 and the Country Winner in the World Beer Awards 2020.

Big Drop Brewing In 2020

While 2020 has been a difficult year for many industries Big Drop Brewing has still managed to show impressive growth. In January many of their beverages were highlighted due to the Dry January campaign and in February they underwent a total redesign.

Big Drop Brewing is now all about big, bold, bright colours to reflect their growth as a leading alcohol-free beer brand. In May Big Drop Brew launched their own at home Pub Quiz and received over 100K viewers from all around the world.

And in June two new seasonal beers were released the Summer-inspired drinks included Poolside an IPA with tropical flavours and Kodama another IPA with a malty and honey mix. In order to do their part to show support to the NHS Big Drop Brewing also went to numerous London-based NHS hospitals to provide free pints as well!

Big Drop Brewing is a great example of how the beer-industry has changed to reflect the need for low/non-alcoholic options. They have seen huge growth in what is comparatively a short amount of time and they don’t look to be slowing down yet.

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