Big Drop Brewing Announces Nordic Collaboration

Big Drop Brewing Announces Nordic Collaboration

The Big Drop Brewing Co is making sure 2021 is a year to remember for beer lovers. The UK company is teaming up with Nordic brewers for a special range comprised of 4 new beers! The 0.5% ABV collaborative beers are part of Big Drop Brewing Co’s World Collab range. 

This is the companies second World Collab series and is a limited edition line. So, if you want to give these beers a try you’ll have to act fast. The beers are available to buy from here at LightDrinks.

Now, of course, any beer drinker reading this will want to know what the results of this collaboration are, won’t they? So, let’s take a quick look at each of the 4 beers in this new limited edition series. We’re sure they’ll be a beer here you love. 

Arctic Beach - Einstök - Coconut Stout

This beer is something for the Stout lovers out there! The darker beer is contrasted with a lighter/ softer coconut flavour to create something very unique. It’s not your regular stout and that is a good thing. Because you can always count on the folks at Big Drop Brewing Co for something unique. 

Fläderlatt - Hop Notch - Elderflower IPA

Hoppy like any good Indian Pale Ale should be but with the added sharp flavour of elderflower, we don’t about you, but we already want to give this beer a try. Elderflower is musky but still maintains a certain sweetness making it ideal for an IPA. 

Rush Rider - Amundsen - Pastry Sour

Like any good pastry sour, this beer is a nice blend of flavours. On paper, they might sound like an odd mix but in practice, they work together brilliantly. This beer offers hints of vanilla, cocoa, and more in a somewhat sour blend. If you like your beers on the heavier side then you’ll love Rush Rider. 

Rye'd Said Fred - Fat Lizard - Juniper Rye IPA

The second India Pale Ale in the series doesn’t disappoint. This IPA offers the same hoppy taste you’d expect but the addition of spicey Juniper adds a sharp extra-flavour to things. It’s an unusual blend but it works and is definitely worth trying. 

The Big Drop Brewing Co’s World Collab series has got something for everyone and is definitely worth trying. Big Drop Brewing Co has really made a name for themselves by showcasing that low alcohol beers can be amazing beverages. So, if you are looking for something new give this new range a try. 

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