All About Non Alcoholic Wine

All About Non Alcoholic Wine

Know your tipple: non alcoholic wine

Do you like a light, refreshing white to accompany your lunch? Perhaps you prefer to pair your evening meal with a deep, well-crafted red? Whatever your tipple of choice, nothing quite compares to a fine wine. Yet, there are instances when alcohol is struck from the menu, and we call upon non alcoholic wine to fill the vino void.

Modern day demand for non alcoholic wine

Religion, health, weight-loss, taste, there are myriad reasons for choosing a non alcoholic wine. In fact, sobriety is seeing a boost in popularity, with many millennials opting for alcohol free wine over their boozy fruit counterparts.

And the market is prepared. Prepared with a plethora of non alcoholic and low alcohol wine options, to suit even the most refined of taste buds.

The history of low alcohol wine

Despite non alcoholic wine recently floating into vogue, it is not a modern-day discovery. In the past, low alcohol wines were generally considered as poor quality, lacking those all-important floral notes. However, advances on traditional distilling techniques have ensured a superlative standard of low alcohol wine stand proudly in our wine racks.

Grape juice and naturally low alcohol wine have been enjoyed throughout the ages. Yet, it was in Germany, in 1908, when the Carl Jung of Carl Jung wine addressed the issue of poor-quality non alcoholic wine.

Realising that the standard distillation process caused flavour and aromas to evaporate from wines alongside alcohol, Jung created and patented the distilling vacuum and aroma-column to produce impeccable de-alcoholised wines.

Since, developments have gone on to only further improve the de-alcoholisation process, some wineries opting to employ the reserve osmosis method, rather than vacuum distillation. As a result, more people than ever are reaching for the low alcohol, low calorie wine as a preferable alternative.

Available non alcoholic wines

An important thing to remember is that alcohol free wine is not the same as non alcoholic wine. Due to the de-alcoholisataion method, non alcoholic wine can contain a low alcohol content of up to 0.5 ABV (alcohol strength by volume). Alcohol free wine may also contain 0.05 ABV, the same as some yoghurts and rye bread.

In response to taste trends, companies are competing to produce the very best non alcoholic option – there’s definitely a fine few out there. Remember to take your first taste with an open mind.

Non Alcoholic Wine In The UK

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