All About Non Alcoholic Drinks (Beer, Cider & Ale)

When it comes to alcohol-free drinks and low alcohol drinks, here at LightDrinks we are the experts. We understand that just because something has zero alcohol that doesn’t mean that it has to have zero taste.

What Are Alcohol-Free Drinks?

Alcohol isn’t a new thing, in fact, it is thought to have been around for 10 million years. It is the drink of choice for parties, celebrations and even sometimes just to relax and unwind. However, alcohol isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of people out there now who are looking for an alcohol-free alternative to their favourite tipple.

The level of alcohol that is found in an alcohol-free drink will really depend on the type of drink that it is. The label is given as the alcohol has been extracted. A drink can be classed as alcohol-free if it contains 0.5% alcohol or less, if it contains between 0.5% and 1.2% alcohol then it is classed as low alcohol rather than alcohol-free.

The benefits of drinking alcohol-free beer and other zero alcohol drinks

There are a variety of reasons why someone may decide to drink alcohol-free drinks and beers. This is often because they don’t like to drink alcohol or they are in a situation that means that they cannot drink alcohol.

This could be because they are pregnant, or perhaps they are the designated driver for the evening. You may also be practicing dry January, which means that alcohol is off limits. Drinking alcohol-free drinks is ideal if you still want to be able to join in with your friends whilst out and about, or simply because you enjoy the taste of the drink, but perhaps not the side effects of the alcohol.

You won’t feel that you are missing out, but you will be safe in the knowledge that you are not breaking your promise to yourself or perhaps putting yourself into a situation that is dangerous or breaks any laws.

The great thing about alcohol-free drinks is that you can enjoy them and not have to worry about being left with a hangover. You get all the same great taste that you would with a normal alcoholic drink, but you will wake up with a clear head, ready to face the next day. One of the best benefits that you can have to an alcohol-free drink.

So, now you know, rather than being a disappointing substitute or alternative, low alcohol drinks can actually be pretty great to drink!

Looking for where to buy alcohol-free beer? Or any other low alcohol drinks? Why not check out the awesome collection that we have here at LightDrinks. As a dedicated stockist of all things low alcohol, we are the place to come when you want a beer, without the headache afterwards.

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