All About Mindful Drinking

All About Mindful Drinking

Let me introduce you to mindful drinking! You might have heard of it but what exactly does mindful drinking entail? Mindful drinking is a continuation of mindfulness which is all about being more aware and conscious about yourself and others. 

When it comes to mindful drinking this basically means drinking less and being more aware of the dangers of alcohol. Mindful drinking was once labelled as a new millennial health craze but it’s been embraced by many people and is promoting a more health concise way of life. 

Binge drinking culture once seemed to be quite rife, didn’t it? And you can really think of mindful drinking to be the opposite of it. While there are a lot of ways mindful drinking can be approached for many people it involves going cold turkey. 

But don’t worry because you can still enjoy the taste of your favourite drinks thanks to the rich variety of non-alcoholic beverages available. Non-alcoholic beverages have been quickly adopted by people trying mindful drinking and for good reason! 

With a high-quality alcohol free drink you can still enjoy the great taste of wines, beers, and spirits but without any of the negative effects of alcohol. If you are interested in mindful drinking what do you really need to do? While there are a lot of ways to do mindful drinking the method most commonly followed is laid out below. 

Take A Break From Alcohol

The first stage of mindful drinking is definitely the hardest but if you can get through this part then the rest should be easy. Many people recommend taking a complete break from alcohol if you are serious about mindful drinking, so yes that means going cold turkey. There is no set rule for how long your break needs to be although many people do it for at least a month.

If you’re the kind of person who likes a glass of wine with your evening meal or a trip to the pub on the weekend then this might be difficult. But the good news is with all the alcohol free options available you can still enjoy the taste of your favourite drink without the alcohol. So, simply switching to alcohol free versions of your drink of choice can make this stage much easier.

Reintroducing Alcohol

This is where things get a little tricky after your break is over some people recommend starting to introduce alcohol back into your routine. However, you don’t really need to if you are happy with your alcohol free alternative. 

Even if you do decide to reintroduce alcohol into your routine you should ensure you don’t drink as much as you did before. After all, mindful drinking is all about cutting down on your alcohol consumption isn’t it? Even if you do introduce alcoholic drinks back into your diet why not mix and match with your alcohol free drink of choice as well? 

Treat Yourself

Mindful drinking will be sure to improve your health which is why many people take it up in the first place. But it can also help you save a lot of money as well after all alcoholic drinks can be very expensive and you can use some of the money you save to treat yourself in other ways. It will make sticking to your mindful drinking plan a lot easier. 

Reviewing Your Progress

Mindful drinking goes far beyond those first 28 days but if you want to succeed at it you should make sure to review your progress every so often. Don’t let the odd slip up deter you either just keep going and working on it and remember finding your favourite alcohol free replacement drink will make mindful drinking much easier. 

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