All About Alcohol-Free Spirits

All About Alcohol-Free Spirits

With alcohol-free drinks becoming more popular year on year they are now increasingly more commonplace. You can now find some form of alcohol-free beverage on the drinks menu for most clubs, pubs, and bars.

They also usually have a dedicated space in supermarkets as well and even leading alcohol manufacturers have started to make their own alcohol-free drinks. So, we are certainly witnessing a boom in alcohol-free drinks. But what exactly are alcohol-free spirits?

When you are browsing a drinks menu and see an alcohol-free beer you know what you are getting don’t you? Alcohol-free spirits are a little more complicated when you think of a classic alcohol spirit what drink do you imagine?

Whisky and Vodka are probably the two most instantly recognisable spirits but there is Gin, Tequila, Rum and plenty more. Spirts are literally alcohol in a purer (harder) form, unlike liquors they aren’t sweetened or distilled.

You might see certain alcohol-free spirits labelled in a more self-explanatory manner like alcohol-free gin or alcohol-free vodka but modern alcohol-free spirits will often be labelled in a more enigmatic manner. This can make it difficult to identify what the alcohol-free spirit is actually an alternative to in some cases.

But it does certainly help build a bigger brand presence with certain alcohol-free spirits. Let's take a closer look at a popular alcohol-free spirit so we can see what they taste like and work out exactly what they are.

Introducing Seedlip

Seedlip might be a name you have heard of already as it one of the leading alcohol-free spirits currently available. But what might not be instantly clear is what exactly Seedlip is supposed to be. It is said by many websites to be an alcohol-free gin but is it?

Well, the answer is complicated and a great representation of why alcohol-free spirits are so exciting! According to Seedlip's website it "is not a non-alcoholic gin as it does not contain any juniper (the ingredient legally required to call a product a gin) or other traditional gin botanicals".

But to many people, it does taste quite similar and is seen as a non-alcoholic gin alternative. Seedlip is even made following a similar process but the ingredients are different. It does include many of the herbs, plants, spices, and fruits you find in other spirits but the end result is a more unique drink.

The point I' am getting at here is that many non-alcohol spirits go beyond being simple alternatives to their alcoholic counterparts. Sure some are designed to imitate the flavour of alcoholic spirits more closely but others are taking a more creative approach.

So, if you see an alcohol-free spirit that doesn’t mention anything like alcohol-free vodka or non-alcoholic gin on the bottle that likely means you are going to be getting a more unique beverage and taste. Many alcohol-free spirits are inspired by their alcoholic counterparts but there are many especially more modern ones that have a unique taste to them.

Seedlip, as I mentioned earlier, is a great example of this and there are already distinctly different versions of Seedlip available. Other non-alcoholic spirt manufacturers are doing similar work to create beverages that might be inspired by traditional alcoholic spirits but have their own unique taste, charm, and character.

The Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Non-Alcoholic spirits have been able to carve out an impressive niche in an already crowded drinks market. To many, they are seen as a trendier alternative to traditional alcoholic spirits when used to create non-alcoholic cocktails these drinks really have captured an audience.

But there have also been popular non-alcoholic whiskies and rums and many non-alcoholic spirits aim to create their own unique taste. With no alcohol content, these drinks are much healthier alternatives and have been a big hit with the public.

Drinking culture in the UK is undergoing a big shakeup, the signs have been around for some time but the rise in popularity of non-alcoholic spirits is another link in the chain. Younger people in particular just aren't as interested in traditional alcoholic drinks which makes non-alcoholic spirits the perfect alternative.

The social aspect of going out with friends to have drinks at a restaurant, bar or club is still popular but the drinks people want are certainly changing. Some people have already been writing off non-alcoholic as a "flash in the pan" trend. But the evidence and popularity of non-alcoholic spirits show quite the opposite.

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