Alcohol Free Cider In The UK

Summer is nearly over in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a cider over crushed ice (😍). As a cider lover, I’ve noticed the lack of alcohol-free cider in pubs within the UK.

Fear not, we have tried and tested the below low and alcohol free ciders and think your taste buds would quite enjoy them as much as we did!

The below reviews are of my own opinion and in no specific order. 

Kopparberg Pear Alcohol Free

I used to love the original cider! When I would go out with my friends, this was my go-to cider, so trying this was a must! After getting my hands on a bottle, cracking it open and taking the first sip, I instantly loved it.

It tastes exactly like the original. That light, not-too-sweet pear taste, was still there. If I hadn't known it was alcohol-free, I would of thought I was drinking the original.

Calories Per 100ml: 42

Kopparberg Strawberry And Lime Alcohol Free

Not a big fan of the original version of this one, but I did give it a try. Like the original, I found this too sweet and sickly. It’s fair to say, they did a good job on the flavour, as it tastes exactly the same!

If you love strawberries, then give this a try. I feel the strawberry overpowers the lime, giving it an unbalanced taste. Still, the drink does feel light.

Calories Per 100ml: 41

Stowford Press 0.5%

This British low-alcohol cider from Herefordshire is made from 100% local home-pressed apples. With a little bit of sweetness, hint of sour and a refreshing apple taste, this cider was really enjoyable.

Personally, I think they’ve done a good job with this cider, as other low-alcohol and alcohol free ciders just seem to have a chemical-like taste and a bit too sour.

Calories Per 100ml: 27

It’s fair to say, all the above have done a good job on taste.

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