Alcohol and Fitness – Can I Still Enjoy A Drink And Stay Fit?

Alcohol is a regular part of many people’s diets, but even in moderation alcohol can have dramatic effects on your body. There are differences, of course, a glass of wine usually won’t have as many calories as a pint of beer for example, but no matter what your drink of choice is there’s likely going to be a lot of calories involved.

If you’re dieting or trying to improve your general health and fitness then alcoholic beverages are one of the first things many people will want to cut. But doing so isn’t always easy, it’s easy to fall into old habits especially where alcohol is concerned.

Even if you are very strict even a small amount of alcohol can do a lot of harm. The effects alcohol can have on the mind and body are well known, but many people think they’re only at risk if they overindulge, but this isn’t the case.

Alcohol and Weight Gain

It might surprise you to learn that alcohol is just as unhealthy as chocolate and sugary sweets when it comes to weight gain! Few people ever really suspect that a glass of wine or a pint of beer have the same (if not more) calories as a chocolate bar or bag of crisps.

The fat content in many popular alcoholic drinks is very high and unfortunately, some people mistakenly believe that mixed drinks offer a solution to this. But popular cocktails like a margarita or a grasshopper are even higher in calories than standard alcoholic drinks.

There’s also been a rather unfortunate surge in the so called drunk diets in recent years, but let’s be honest does that even sound like something that would work? The other problem is that while many people are educated on the long-term negative effects of alcohol they aren’t really educated on the short-term health effects it can have.

Plus, many people who have drunk from a young age will have a more active metabolism, so apart from the occasional hangover they might look and feel no different after a long drinking session. But that changes and even younger people are at risk of gaining a lot of weight if they drink too much.

So, What’s The Solution?

This all sounds pretty depressing, doesn’t it? But don’t panic there is some good news because you can still enjoy the tastes of your favourite drinks but without any of the negative side effects and they have fewer calories than their more traditional alcoholic counter parts.

At LightDrinks you’ll find a great range of alcohol-free drinks and they have the same great taste and aroma as the real thing, so you likely won’t even notice the difference. At LightDrinks our range of products includes non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic ales, non-alcoholic spirits, and non-alcoholic wine.

So, whatever your drink of choice is you’ll be sure to find a healthier alcohol-free version available from the professional team at Lightdrinks. All drinks are tested to make sure they meet the high-standards you deserve and while you might not notice a difference in taste or smell you will notice a difference in the side-effects and weight gain.

Let’s break down some numbers, shall we? A regular glass of wine is about 125ml so you’ll be looking at 90 – 120 calories per glass. Now let’s take one our alcohol-free wines for a comparison, our Torres Natureo Muscat is one of our most popular alcohol-free wines and as a total calorie count of only 24 – 30 calories per glass!

That’s a pretty big difference, isn’t it? So, if you want to stay fit but still enjoy the alcoholic drinks you love then don’t worry you can! LightDrinks have got alcohol-free drinks for everyone and you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you can enjoy them without worrying about piling on the pounds.

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