A Look Into Wine: Australia

A Look Into Wine: Australia

When you think of Australia you probably don’t think of wine, do you? But maybe you should because wine is one of the more popular drinks in Australia especially red wine. But does Australia have any famous wines of their own or are they exporting a lot of their more popular beverages? 

I’ am happy to report that many of Australia’s best wines are actually manufactured in the country itself. Australia actually as quite an impressive reputation as a wine manufacturer and we can trace its origins back to its settlement in 1788.

It is believed that some of the first vineyards established in Australia came about because of a collection of vines Governor Arthur Phillip brought with him on the very first fleet to the country. In the 1890’s numerous vineyards had been set up and Australia quickly made a name for itself as a fortified wine manufacturer.

Fortified wine was the most popular variant because it was more suitable for long term storage and transportation. German and Italian immigrants also set up their own vineyards around the country in the early 1900’s. 

Many of these vineyards are still in operation today, especially in the Barossa and Riverina regions. The 1960’s brought about more change for Australia’s growing wine industry as the country, on the whole, began to change its focus towards more sweet and sparkling wines. 

Red wines, in particular, became the beverage of choice for many during this time and it is still largely the most popular variant of wine available. Another great innovation brought about by Australia that wine industries throughout the world have been able to use is the wine cask. 

The wine cask or the “bag in a box” to give it its unofficial name was created in 1965 and designed to make wine more accessible for people. It was designed to allow people to drink and sample small amounts of wine at a time and is still used today. 

In the 1970’s tastes change a little as red wines and semi-sweets variations began to lose ground to dry white wines. Although later the love for red wine would come back white wines have still got a prominent place on the market and Chardonnay, in particular, is still a very popular choice.    

Despite being one of the largest wine manufacturers in the world (currently, Australia is ranked seventh) many people don’t really know about Australia’s impressive history because it broke into the European market relatively late. 

It was around 1980 that Australian wines started to hit shelves and it was their red wines that rapidly got popular overseas. Australian red wines were well loved because of their fresh and fruity flavour although Australian whites proved popular overtime as well. 

With over 1000 million litres of wine produced every year Australia is quite a force in the wine world and although it’s not as popular as some countries it has managed to grow its total market share over the years. 

So, now you know about wine history in Australia let’s look at some of the best types of wine to try down under!

Australian Pinot Noir

Australian Pinot Noir comes under many brands and it’s a great choice for red wine lovers. Some recent variants to try are the Mac Forbes and Ocean 8 types which both offer a rich, fruity taste for a surprisingly low price. 

Australian Cabernet Sauvignon

Sticking with reds, for now, there are some amazing Australian Cabernet Sauvignon variants to try with one of the most popular being St Hugo Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon. This more luxurious red wine is produced in Adelaide and is a great mix of minty notes and fruity flavours. 

Robert Oatley Finisterre Porongurup Riesling 

Let’s show some love for the white wines of Australia, shall we? This Robert Oatley white wine is a great citrus blend of exotic fruity flavours. Refreshing and perfect for the summer this white wine is a great choice.

Fox Gordon Princess Fiano

Another great white wine from Australia! This bright white wine is made in the Fiano style and features some great fruity flavours. It’s also quite cheap as well so it makes a great choice for someone looking to try Australian wines for the first time. 

Leclerc Briant Brut Rosé Champagne

Let’s finish off our look at wines with a great Rose Champagne. Rich with a refreshing flavour that is based around blood oranges with extra citrus notes. If you want to try something a little different this is a great Australian wine to try.  

So, that completes our look into Australian wines! There’s a lot more to explore so why not look for a bottle or two of Australian wine the next time you’re looking for something to try? There is a great variety of different types on offer and while you might not have known it there is a lot of great Australian wines to try. 

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