5 Low And Alcohol-Free Beers To Try

Whether you're trying to quit alcohol, cut-down or want to enjoy a beer without the calories, finding that ideal beer can be tricky, especially in the UK. We've made it a bit easier for you and made a list of five best alcohol free beers to try in the UK.

The list is in no specific order - all the beers taste great!

1) Erdinger Alkoholfrei Isotonic 0.5%

Erdinger is made from only high quality, natural ingredients, with essential nutrients. Which includes folic acid and vitamin B12, which reduce fatigue and support the immune system, B12 also promotes energy-yielding metabolism.

Where to buy: LightDrinks

2) San Miguel Alcohol Free 0.0%

The first premium Spanish beer with 0.0% alcohol from San Miguel. With all the flavour, freshness and quality of beer, but none of the alcohol. Malty notes of barley deliver a subtle roasted flavour, with balanced bitterness to deliver great beer refreshment. 100% San Miguel, 0.0% alcohol.

Where to buy: LightDrinks

3) Super Bock Pilsner 0.5%

Non-alcoholic Super Bock is manufactured from a unique and exclusive dealcoholisation process, which retains its genuine flavour of an authentic beer. Non-alcoholic Super Bock is produced following Unicer’s century-old brewing tradition and in the framework of modern technology. The dealcoholisation process of these beers, in addition to not being interrupted in its fermentation phase, allows retention of flavours and other essential characteristics of the beer.

Where to buy: LightDrinks

4) St Peter's Without® Alcohol Free 0.05%

A delicious full-bodied alcohol free craft ale, which has a distinctive malt flavour, combined with a refreshing delicate bitterness. Brewed with skill and patience at one of Britain's finest small breweries.

Where to buy: LightDrinks

5) Bernard Free Lager 0.5%

Its no wonder that this lager has won awards! It's light, boasts a full flavoured refeshing taste that make you want more! 

Where to buy: LightDrinks

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