3 Benefits Of Being Sober

So, you've completed Dry January and you're thinking of sticking out the sober lifestyle. You may have felt more energetic, clear skin and just a general feel of well-being.

Check out five benefits of being sober (no particular order).

Save Money

This one is pretty obvious. Drinking is as you know, is expensive. Heading down the pub and drinking four pints can set you back £16.

For most people, heading down the pub every Friday and Saturday night is a ritual. Knock the end of the week drinks on the head and you're sure to build up a nice bit of wonga.

Clear Skin

Alcohol dehydrates your body. This includes skin, which is the body's largest organ. If you drink excessively, it is known to prevent your body receiving vital nutrients and vitamins. Over a length of time, drinking excessively can have permanent negative effects on your body and skin.


Waking up the morning after drinking with a hangover. Head pounding, anxiety, regret, dry mouth and hunger pangs. Hangovers are the worst, we all know that.

You finally get up, take a couple of paracetamol, maybe head to the cafe for a fry up. After that, you head home, lay in bed, watch Netflix, browse social media and check your phone for any embarrassing texts you may have sent.

You're set. You're not leaving your bed. The thought of doing anything productive has gone out the window, along with your pride.

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